But Paris 2024 is also proposed as a sustainable application, in line with the new standards set by the International Convention of the environment Cop21 also organized a few days after the attacks of 13 November 2015.


February 3, 2017 – PARIS AND ‘a strong candidate. You’re going to all. For everyone. To share, in fact, as stated also the slogan, launched tonight in a Paris hurt by a new terrorist attack. At the Louvre, this morning, he still avoided the worst, on a day that was supposed to be reserved mainly for the candidacy of the French capital for the 2024 Olympic Games that the City of Light has thought big, all focusing on its cultural, architectural, tourism and sports of course.

An event had to be shared: “Sharing in Sharing Games for the World” as offered by athletes who are also the beating heart of the French Olympic proposal. A slogan that actually made a dash from the closing message of the new administration Trump of an America that still offers a ranking competitor with Los Angeles. 2024 Olympics, Paris reveals its application: “The Power of a Dream” panoramic – Paris 2024 is a compact application, such as Rome was not able to express.

On stage for the international presentation and Trocadero, there were the Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, the right-wing president of Valerie Pécresse region, but especially the Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to consolidate the State’s commitment. The idea proposed by Paris 2024 is to concentrate the majority of subjects (18) in the city center. Almost everything still takes place at the most within a radius of less than ten kilometers.

With spectacular views as the beach volleyball at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, symbol of the application, but also the track cycling along the Champs, archery on the Invalides, fencing in the Grand Palais, the open water swimming in the Seine, the ‘riding in Versailles, field hockey in Yves Manoir stadium, the same which hosted the 1924 Games or Italy’s triumph at the 1938 FIFA World Cup opening – But the Games also aim to relaunch the northern outskirts of the disadvantaged capital. In Saint Denis, around the Stade de France for athletics, the Olympic village will be built, conceived and designed with the help of French athletes, but also the Olympic pool, the only facility to be built.

The rest is already prepared or at least to adapt to the demands of the International Olympic Committee. A concentration of sports in one of the most famous cities in the world: “But we will bring the sport outside the stadiums to share with citizens and young people,” said the co-chairman of the Tony Estanguet bid committee, triple Olympic champion in canoeing.

One way to stand out precisely even by the closing message on World transmitted by the Member States of Trump. “We want to build bridges, not walls”, as he emphasized the prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve. Adds the mayor Hidalgo: “I was born in Spain.

Paris is a city open to the world, global, a European capital.” 2024, as Paris Olympics unveils its security logo – But one capital targeted by terrorists, although Hidalgo reverses the perspective: “Paris is a safe city, as shown by the soldiers who this morning have stopped in time the terrorist at the Louvre” . He insists the premier Cazeneuve, the former minister of the interior during the European football, with a hint of irony: “I can not guarantee to still be prime minister in seven years, but I’m sure we will still be able to offer an event at the ambitions and optimum safety, as we did last summer. ” But Paris 2024 is also proposed as a sustainable application, in line with the new standards set by the International Convention of the environment Cop21 also organized a few days after the attacks of 13 November 2015. Money – The planned overall budget is 6.6 billion . Half covered by the International Olympic Committee, from ticketing and marketing.

The rest will be financed by the State and public institutions and 13 private sponsors and official suppliers 4. The final round of business is estimated more than 400 billion, involving the work of 1.3 million people. “Our project – closes Estanguet – is strong. We want to win because we expect these games from a century now. And ours is a popular application with tickets from 15 euro to the races, and 24 euro for the opening ceremonies and closure. ” It decides everything September 13. Alessandro Grandesso  @ agrandesso

May 3, 2015 – Milan Justin Gatlin in the center and a disappointed Usain Bolt left. Without Rauters game: Usain Bolt comes from the expected comparison (remote) with Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay – the first after nearly two and three years – with broken bones. The United States, in the 4×100 relays of the World Championships in Nassau, the Bahamas, Jamaica to impart a severe lesson.

The quartet of stars and stripes was not necessary in a global competition since 2007, before the advent of Usain at the absolute top. Since then the Caribbean have also won two Olympic and three World. This time there is no history.

When Bolt, in the fourth stage, receives the baton, the speech is already closed: Gatlin, second and Gay, in the third, with the collaboration of Mike Rodgers, which is responsible for the first (all three with stained careers suspensions for doping ), have acquired such an advantage (to the eye of about five meters, the IAAF calculates 48/100) that the six-time champion in five 1xb et circles may little or nothing. Ryan Bailey, last factional red jersey, rejects no worries trying to Usain: hundredths separating the two teams at the end are 30, 37 “38 (grand time, the seventh all-time, with soo the US itself and Jamaica capable of better) to 37 “68, after battery already in the gap, albeit in a different series but with the same protagonists, was net (37” 87 to 38 “07). “Blame” Nesta Carter, Kemar Bailey-Cole and nickel ashmeade that in the first three fractions pay the bill.

And ‘Gatlin, in particular, on the back straight to the destination, to arouse enormous impression. Surprising third place Japan (38 “20). For the first eight there is also direct admission Rio Olympics in 2016. Here Italy – Objective failure by Italy for only 11/100. The quartet Fabio Cerutti, Eseosa Desalu, Diego Marani and Delmas Obou, the third and final barrier, is expressed with good changes in 38 “84.

But, the same third behind the US and Japan, hits the tenth overall time, precisely at the time qualifying 11/100 (38 “73) signed by Germany. Then the Azzurri in the final B, with Matteo Galvan instead dell’acciaccato Marani (discomfort adductor) are fifth in 39 “23. Worse goes to the girls 4×400, sixth in 2014: Rio remains just around the corner.

Chiara Bazzoni (53 “29), libania grenot (part too strong and pays the final: 51” 43) and Elena Bonfanti (52 “19), in this case the third and final battery, deliver the baton to Maria Benedicta Chigbolu, behind the US impregnable, in a solid second place, sufficient for access to the final and then to pass to the Brazilians games. The 25 year old Roman (54 “20), to the exit of the last corner has a calming advantage, but then gives way suddenly and in the final third you step over the factional Poland and Canada.

Italy closes fourth in 3’31 “11, ninth overall chrono, to 47/100 from Canada second and last rescued and 16 from France, second in the first battery. But, of mockery mockery, a few minutes after arrival, that time is deleted. The Chogbolu, in fact, in the last few meters does not have its own more, falls, loses the baton and crossed the finish line no, that just leads to disqualification. The choice of fielding the girl on the weakest card in the last fraction has certainly paid off.

Today, the Italian night, after the resignation of men’s 4×200 in tricolor chiace remains to follow the only women’s 4×100 of novice Giulia Riva, Gloria Hooper, Irene Siragusa and Audey Alloh (all’1.37 battery). other securities – In the other end of the first day the United States also won the men’s 4×800 (Solomon. Loxsom, Andrews, Sowinski) in 7’04 “84 and Medley Relay women (1200-400, 800-1600) with a lot of leadership the world (10’36 “50) signed by Moser (3’18”), Richards (50 “0), Wilson (2’00” 2) and Rowbury (4’27 “9). Comlice a mess to change between Jenna Tarmoh and Allyson Felix, it escapes the title of the women’s 4×200 ranging Nigeria (George, Okagbare, Duncan, Udoh) in 1’30 “52. Andrea Buongiovanni  @ abuongi

March 20, 2019 – Milan The FIA ​​president, Jean Todt, has inaugurated the new circuit that will host next year’s Grand Prix Formula 1 in Vietnam, in Hanoi.

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